Zaza Fournier, three pocket concerts at Le Bijou

the essential from this Wednesday evening until Friday, the singer will come to interpret her new songs in the room on avenue de Muret.

We discovered her somewhat fanciful universe, her accordion and her banter in 2008. An accomplished actress and instrumentalist, Zaza Fournier immediately imposed an endearing, poetic and sunny universe. Two albums later, the confinement put an abrupt end to a series of concerts at Le Bijou, a hall she knows very well. Good news: Zaza returns to avenue de Muret for three evenings to unveil a new show whose few titles that we had the chance to listen to reveal a disarming depth.

“In these troubled times, we had to adapt, readjust, she smiles. These concerts at the Bijou were already planned for a long time, but they had to be postponed. I then said to myself that we had to give them a meaning and a Support for theaters was important. Le Bijou, where I often kicked off my projects, allows these privileged moments: the public’s reaction is close, almost

epidermal. This room has that talent. “

An obvious fact that strikes the heart

The perfect setting for Zaza’s new songs: exit the accordion, the ukulele and the sweet madness that illuminated his first albums. Zaza did not become serious: she simply met a magnificent pianist, Pierre-François Blanchard. “I compose my songs on the piano and I was hoping to meet the person with whom I could start a piano-voice dialogue, beyond the simple accompaniment”, recalls the artist.

Successful bet: the songs of Zaza Fournier find in this musical alter-ego a simplicity, an obviousness which strikes at the heart. On the most playful tracks (“Désamour”, “La Mouche”), one “hears” a rhythm section or even brass which is however absent. Well done: if we hear them, why record them? “That you say that touches me a lot, confides Zaza, visibly moved, because I wanted to go as close as possible to the pieces, to the bone.”

This rage to go to the essence and the essential also guides the pen of Zaza, whose words, superb, walk with agility on the thread of the most total sincerity: “Ice and crystals on my skin / L ‘absence is a knife / I’m learning to live without you, “she sings about a heart-breaking” hit-and-run “. Poetic flashes set up a decor without a word too much: “The cops are out / The mini-skirts too”, we hear on “La Mouche”. Zaza Fournier grew up: “I am no longer the same age, and I want to be in the present of things, here and now.” That is to say this week, at Le Bijou.

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