Yououtubeur Squeezie launches an exceptional fundraiser for Secours Populaire

the essential In a video published on 11 last November, the YouTuber Squeezie announced the launch of his new project: the conception of two “hits” inspired by the years 2000. The two songs, released on Monday, are for sale and their profits will be donated to the Secours populaire.

Squeezie embarks on charity. Real name Lucas Hauchard, the successful YouTuber has embarked on a new project: to raise money by selling songs inspired by the years 2000, with funds donated to the Secours populaire. “We did this to play over the years 2000 thoroughly, but if in addition we can regale an association that helps people, it kills phew” launches the first youtubeur de France, with 11 millions of subscribers.

The musical, humorous and charitable project is already mobilizing tens of thousands of Internet users. The launch took place this Thursday November, with the publication of a video explaining the concept: the “Hit of the years 2000 “.

Two hits in competition

His video, more than an hour long and already viewed more than five million times, details the concept. Squeezie has already formed two teams of three composers and videographers. In three days, the latter had to create entirely a song inspired by those of the years 2000, which are now on sale online since Monday. The profits are thus donated to Secours Populaire.

Both “hits” are also available for purchase “in all Lidl stores in France”. During 30 days, they will be sold in cardboard sleeves. After this time, Squeezie will announce the winner. A first “hit” was designed by S2keyz, Le Motif, Toldya and Maskey, it is inspired by vintage R’n’B hits and is called “Offishal”. The second “hit”, “Time Time”, is written and sung in Romanian and produced by Squeezie, Kronomusik and Myd. The song mimics “Dragostea din tei” from O-Zone.

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