XV of France: Laurent Labit and the temptation “Ntamack-Jalibert”

the essential If their association will not be confirmed until Thursday, on the occasion of the announcement of the team composition, there is no longer any doubt that Romain Ntamack and Matthieu Jalibert will all two to be aligned against Argentina on Saturday. Laurent Labit, the coach of the attack, discusses the constitution of this duo.

If the information is not yet official, the imagination of millions of French supporters is already igniting this prospect: Saturday, Matthieu Jalibert, in 10, and Romain Ntamack, in 12, will be associated in the starting XV brought to challenge Argentina at the Stade de France. This combination of the two conductors, 22 both years, had become too tempting not to be tested, as Laurent Labit mentioned on Tuesday: “The association, It’s been a while since we have it in our head and we wanted to see what it can give. And this, even if Virimi and Arthur Vincent were there. “

The addition of the two masters to play has obvious advantages. And augurs for a potential festival in attack: “These two elements have qualities and talent to bring into our offensive animation.” At the start of the season, in Top 14, the two attackers accumulate seven tries, thirty-seven defenders beaten and eleven crossings. If he finds benchmarks, the duo could become untenable for the opposing defenses. And strategically, it would bring a very wide range of options: “This solution, we know that it can be used at the start of the match as well as during the match, depending on the opposition, the strategy, the scenario. Having two openers can allow to have even more reflection on the game, between the 9, the 10, the 12 or even the back . It would make the task of the 10 easier because he would feel supplied and be sure at all times, in any situation, to find one of these players in cells or the game. “

We can also expect to see the Toulousain and the Bordelais switch, just to muddy the waters.

“Romain is a very, very good defender”

If, in terms of attack, nobody can doubt the added value provided by their association, the question may arise on the game without the ball. The coach of the attack reassures: “Romain, whether in 10 or in 12 with Toulouse, is a very, very good defender. And we know that Gaël (Fickou) is with them in the middle. He’s our defense chief. ” A guarantee of safety for the entire line. With the simultaneous presence of the two forerunners on the pitch and the appointment of Antoine Dupont as captain, the three-quarters will have to weigh even more in the conduct of the game.

Even if Laurent Labit specifies it: the new status of the scrum-half has no influence on his way of being on a daily basis: “Antoine has not changed, as in a club when he has the captaincy. image of Charles Ollivon, he does not need to express himself all the time. It is more by example that he shows the way. He is also relayed by the other leaders that we had identified and who help him in his mission. ” With two openers by his side, he will also be very well supported in the heat of the moment.

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