XV of France – autumn tour: the grand cru is for Saturday against the All Blacks

the essential Favorites, the Blues comfortably beat the Georgians in Bordeaux this Sunday 14 November. After this second success of the autumn tour, the XV of France can now focus on his huge meeting against the All Blacks in less than six days.

Finally, everyone will be able to speak freely about what has been expected for months: the duel against New Zealand. It must be said that each journalist had gone there with his little question for eight days. With the same retort: ​​”Georgia guys, Georgia.” We must recognize the players and technicians of this XV of France that it would have been damaging to trip over the Bordeaux carpet and that a sporting cataclysm would have had the painful consequence of returning the great event against the All Blacks to mere rank. of poisoned gift. “Captain” Antoine Dupont had warned on Saturday: “The last times that Georgia faced big nations, like Scotland or South Africa, it gave very close matches for fifty or sixty minutes. France, we knows that it remains a special match for the Georgians. We are aware of the fate that will be in store for us. ” He had told the truth. At least in part …

Because the suspense lasted this time about twenty minutes. The time for the French pack – when the score was 3-3 – to pass the opponent’s goal line for the first time. Or rather send the referee between the posts for a penalty try. Yes, the Lelos, kings of aggressiveness and experts in conquest taken at their own game. Should not tickle the “big” bruises punished by the Argentines on the ground in particular, during one half too many.

Cool executives, concern for Marchand

Fabien Galthié’s men were launched. With Blacks in the crosshairs? Not too fast, let’s go. A second achievement by Matthieu Jalibert (on an assist from Romain Ntamack please, proving that the connection was now established) then a third by Damian Penaud, and it was about (finally) thinking about the top of the fall . Mr. Galthié, you cannot claim the contrary, and it is not moreover the premature exits of Cyril Baille, Melvyn Jaminet, Anthony Jelonch, Cameron Woki or Antoine Dupont, at the beginning of the second act, which will make believe in chance.

Besides, go ask the Irish – magnificent winners of the best nation on the planet on Saturday after a domination of all times even if, with crumbs, Ian Foster’s troops were on the verge of turning the tide. – if any chance is possible in the face of this unparalleled armada. No, the coach has rightly chosen to place several of his executives in the cool to come out in great shape six days later. He knew, despite the try of this trickster of Lobhzanidze at the 46 th minute which did not revive the debates in any way, that the victory was in the pocket.

The second in November, accentuated by the second and third tests in two weeks of Peato Mauvaka, then the double of Penaud. Now make way for the sublime, which can quickly turn into a nightmare in front of such a displacement.

Are the Blues ready? The doubt remains, as after the success against the Pumas. Because they have not yet fully convinced this Sunday and were feverish after the break. Also because they surely lost Julien Marchand left touched to the ribs. Saturday will undoubtedly be a turning point in the Galthié era, almost two years after the start of his mandate. So promising and so attractive, his proteges must now take off if they want to settle at the top of the world hierarchy. So, is this the bosses tour?

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