XV of France – autumn tour: the Blues only think about blacks

the essential Two test matches and two successes on the scoreboard of the Blues, since the start of the autumn tour. The victories against the Argentines and the Georgians acquired, even if the copies were not perfect, now place at the high point of this series of three meetings: the reception of the formidable New Zealanders, at the Stade de France.

After the Argentinian and Georgian appetizers, it’s time for the New Zealand feast. With two fall successes, the XV of France, pumped up, turns to the legendary All Blacks, huge fall challenge, Saturday at the Stade de France.

In this month of November, the Blues first passed a first character test against the catchy Pumas (27 – 18), then another against Lelos more modest but courageous (41 – 15 ). Here they are facing one last, dizzying, in front of the best team in the world.

Perhaps the first real rut on the road which leads Fabien Galthié’s Blues to the World Cup 2023, where they will meet the All Blacks in the opening match in this same stadium in just under two years.

“I don’t know if we’re ready or not to play this kind of team. But it’s a big challenge, it’s super motivating. We are not favorites. We do not always have the chance to be measure up to this kind of players but when you have it, you have to seize it and really give everything so as not to have any regrets “, delayed captain Antoine Dupont.

Because it is New Zealand, its place of world No. 1 in the World Rugby rankings, its three titles of world champions, its Haka, its 695 points registered in 2021 and, above all, his XXL armada … which appears Sunday against the Blues.

“We are aware of what is happening at the Stade de France on Saturday. We will have to be able to face each other. We will try to match with them, everywhere and all the time,” admitted Fabien Galthié.

Gala evening

“When we are 22 years of average age and around 18 selections, when the best players in the world arrive who come to challenge you, I think it’s all about you. opposite and put you at their level. Or more, “added the coach.

Beat the All Blacks, the Blues have only done it twelve times in 43 confrontations. Player, the boss of the Blues has faced the black ogre seven times, for two successes (42 – 31 in October 1999 and 42-33 in November 2000 ).

For his first time as a coach, Galthié knows who to turn to: Ireland, fresh off the All Blacks (27 – 20), after a heroic match. What inspire the French?

“We will take the time to think. The Irish have their own game, their own rugby. We must not copy the Irish, if not try to be as brilliant as them on the bottom. form, we do not have the same players or the same rugby “, explained the former international scrum half (61 selections between 1991 and 2004).

The French have not beaten the New Zealanders since a victory 25 – 22 in Dunedin, in June 2009. To find success at home, you have to go back to November 2000 and a consecration 41-33 in Marseille. Twenty-one years later, in Saint-Denis, where the Blues have never beaten the Blacks, it will be necessary to put on the heat blue.

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