XV of France: autumn tour: the Blues expect “a big fight” against Georgia

the essential After an inaugural success against Argentina last Saturday, the Tricolores intend to chain a second success Sunday in Bordeaux against the Georgians, before the big test against the All-Blacks on Saturday 20 November.

Georgia is “a very dense team” which promises “a big fight” to the XV of France, Sunday in Bordeaux, for the second match of the autumn tour, estimated Tuesday the third international line Cameron Woki.

“It will be a big fight: they will take us on the physical dimension. We expect a big start by taking us on what did not necessarily work in the first period against Argentina, especially the rucks and the game on the ground. We are + focus + on that. They will put a lot of speed and commitment to destabilize us “, indicated the UBB player (23 years, 9 selections).

“A bit like Argentina, they have a lot of players that we rub shoulders with in the club. We know their talents and their strengths. It’s a dense team, very strong and very precise in the areas of conquest. It will be a closed match, a forwards match. It’s a nation to respect, it’s still a rugby match and, for them, it’s an important match “, added Woki.

The Lelos have called fourteen Top players 14 for their match against France.

“C he is a very catchy team, they do not give up, they are in the game all the time. If, in the fundamentals, we are not present, they will be. They are tough and will put a lot of intensity ” , abounded the third row of Toulouse Anthony Jelonch (25 years, 12 selections).

The game against Georgia is the second of the three autumn tests of the Blues, who defeated Argentina (29 – 20) last Saturday and will end with a duel against the All Blacks on Saturday 20 November at the Stade de France.

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