XV of France – autumn tour: discover the notes of the victorious Blues of Argentina

the essential Between the first successful Flament, the quality of goal of Jaminet, the precious performance of Dupont or the discreet one of Cros and Fickou, here are the notes of the players of the France team .

Cyril Baille (2,5 / 5) .- A two-speed service. Two forwards in the first period (5th, 32 e), he was also sanctioned in closed scrum once (6th) . Much more active and above all more precise in the second half, he was above all much more efficient with a good load (43 e) and four defenders beaten in total . He was replaced by Jean-Baptiste Gros (63 e).

Julien Marchand (2,5 / 5) .- A slightly dull first half spoiled in particular by this yellow card for an epidermal reaction on Marcos Kremer ( 27 e). A second period started better with a very good “contest” (42 e), then a second (56 e). He was replaced by Peato Mauvaka (63 e), author of the second French essay (72 e).

Mohamed Haouas (2.5 / 5) .- He suffered in the first two scrums of the match, the referee leaving the advantage to the Pumas after the second (11 e) when he should have been sanctioned. A very good return to Carreras at the start of the second half (47 e) during a strong Argentine moment. He was replaced by Bamba at the 47 th minute.

Thibaud Flament (4/5) .- A frankly successful first selection. Lots of activity in defense – best French tackler (11, he was rewarded at the start of second period with a test, after a very good race. At no point did he seem impressed. He was replaced by Sekou Macalou at the 69 th minute.

Paul Willemse (3/5) .- He was present in the ruck phases. A good “contest” offering the France team a penalty that Jaminet achieved, allowing the Blues to regain the advantage in the score (9-7, 32 e). Alas, we expected a little more of his physical density in the fight with the Pumas. He was replaced by Romain Taofifénua, author of a very good entry into the game (47 e).

François Cros (2.5 / 5) .- He worked close to the rucks, notably picking up a few balls in the game with zero passes. But he didn’t have the usual defensive performance. Only three tackles and especially two faults during the 20 first minutes of the meeting. He was replaced by Grégory Alldritt at the 57 th minute.

Cameron Woki (2,5 / 5) .- Present both in the ground game (a good contest on Matera, 15 e) and in aerial conquest (a ball stolen in touch at the end of the first half), he was however quite discreet in the current game. Few balls hit, but no big mistakes.

Anthony Jelonch (2.5 / 5) .- Discreet in the first period in a match without movement, he was invaluable in the fight. He was notably able on several occasions to bring the ball to life after contact. Ten tackles to his credit. No doubt we expected more from one of the best players of this beginning of Top 12.

Antoine Dupont (3/5) .- If he was perhaps not as flamboyant as usual, he was able to take advantage of a few crumbs to advance his own. He could have been rewarded with an essay of which he has the secret (52 e) but he was severely refused. Applied in the distribution, the interim captain went out of his way to defend like a relentless one with ten successful tackles and no misses.

Matthieu Jalibert (2,5 / 5) .- We will first remember his huge blunder when he was countered on a referral to 22 meters (22 e ), bringing directly the Argentine test. But we must recognize his ability to stay in his game, with sharp races. He was decisive by his speed on Flament’s test and by his dexterity on Mauvaka’s.

Gabin Villière (3/5) .- Few interesting balls to eat for the Toulonnais who had nevertheless been active and incisive on his skinny ammunition. At the 52 th, he placed a terrible acceleration along the key, leading to Dupont’s try… refused for a minimal forward from Jaminet sixty meters ahead.

Romain Ntamack (2,5 / 5) .- Its repositioning in the center was an attraction but it had a rather thankless role. Although he had little opportunity to orient the game, he concentrated on creating points of attachment in the middle of the field and above all had to content himself with defending. Frustrating match for the Toulousain, replaced at the 55 e by Jonathan Danty.

Gaël Fickou (2,5 / 5) .- A very discreet score for Racing, also at the party on the test refused at Dupont, but in vain. For the rest, he was little served on the offensive plan and was, as usual, clean in defense when the Argentine attackers targeted him. Not much to complain about on arrival.

Damian Penaud (2.5 / 5) .- The Clermontois was not in the best position to shine. But, to his credit, there was a magnificent run along the sideline in the first half and a situation he could have scored on in the end of the line (43 e). Precious for challenging balloons in the air.

Melvyn Jaminet (3/5) .- Not easy to judge, as he alternated between hot and cold. The most enterprising Frenchman, he energized the game and was safe for a long time under the high balls before losing his duel at the end of the match, with an opponent’s try. He sometimes had waste in his game at the foot of displacement but, despite a failure against the posts and a missed drop, he is to be credited with a good 7/8 in the shots on goal.

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