XV de France – autumn tour: the premiere of Lebel, the Jalibert-Ntamack association … Our questions and answers around France – Georgia (41-15)

the essential Radioscopy of a meeting marked in particular by the battle of the packs won by … the French forwards.

What did the Blues rely on to build their success?

Not really attractive, the French were able to count on their discipline during the first act (only 2 penalties conceded) but above all on their conquest throughout the debates since all their tests were entered immediately after a static phase. Imperials in touch – two slight stammerings on the 19 taken in particular by Cameron Woki (6) and Sekou Macalou (11) -, the Blues whose option anything but judicious of the short touch between Julien Marchand and Grégory Alldritt (27), saw three carried balloons be awarded (22, 51, 79), a perfectly exploited Woki counter (32) and a excess number skillfully created and negotiated four times after a dynamic penalty (73). The sixth achievement is the result of a scrum with an interior return from Gaël Fickou, served by Antoine Dupont, for Damian Penaud (32), whose excellent defensive pressing after a game at the foot of Romain Ntamack had made it possible to glean this ammunition.

Can Matthis Lebel be satisfied with his first selection?

Yes even if he had to return to the locker room somewhat frustrated. Applied in defense – the second Georgian test (64), on his wing, is attributable to Matthieu Jalibert who lets himself be sucked up for no reason – the Toulouse player has never had the opportunity to be served in good condition on the eight balloons he touched, even if his framing-overflow in his “22” got the Blues out of a situation that could have become dangerous (19).

Where are we with the Jalibert-Ntamack association?

Let’s follow the fashion since this fall, no article on the XV of France can do without a reference on the tandem of openers … The Bordelais and the Toulousain have therefore played 52 minutes side by side – two less than against Argentina – and made two passes each – if they sometimes swapped, Ntamack was often used after Fickou in the second wave -, including a decisive second for the UBB player try (27).

Nevertheless, to all those who use this example to praise the good functioning of the duo, we will simply reply that not making the pass at that time would have been professional misconduct, regardless of its recipient … On the other hand, we will note that Ntamack was the first to jump into Jalibert’s arms to congratulate him.

What did the Georgians miss?

Discipline. It is often said that we should not concede more than 10 penalties per match at the international level. The Lelos, caught in the ground game, offside lines and carried balls, reached this quota at the… 24 e minute! They ended the game with 15 whistles against them and two yellow cards (15, 24). Under the drizzle then the Girondins rain, however, nothing to tarnish their performance full of bravery punctuated by some flashes of light which will serve to fuel the debate on their integration into the Tournament in place of the Italians. Because yesterday, the Transalpines would probably not have done better …

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