World Cup 2022 – Qualifiers: a beating and the ticket to the World Cup!

the essential Kyllian Mbappé author of a quadruplet, Karim Benzema of a double, and the Blues are qualified for the World Cup in Qatar.

Life has triumphed. After the shock, she resumed. Stronger and more intense. Six years to the day after the attacks of 13 November 2015 and the fatal evening that began at the Stadium of France while the Blues faced Germany there, the Parc des Princes paid a vibrant tribute on Saturday. The France team was at this height, without going into detail, respecting Kazakhstan to better scatter it on a table football score and eight goals scored. A quadruplet of Mbappé, a double of Benzema, two achievements of Griezmann and Rabiot: the Tricolores have composted in large and by singing their ticket for the World Cup – 2022 in Qatar in a little more than ‘one year (21 November – 13 December).

To beat the modest 125 th nation after Finland’s victory in the afternoon and thus avoid an icy Tuesday in Helsinki: the deal was well known and widely known. within the reach of these Blues, back a month after winning the League of Nations. But in a stadium which saw Kostadinov tumble on the right side and extinguish the American dream, in a place where the poignant moment of silence recalled the pain of a city and a country, it was also necessary to ignore the emotions. Nothing therefore reached Kanté’s partners.

In three shots of a pot spoon and 26 minutes, three assists from the pistons Théo Hernandez and Kingsley Coman, and above all three times from Kylian Mbappé (6th, 12 e, 26 e), the world champions had already given the right in the face of very weak opposition to aim for a third star in the Gulf.

The France team has always qualified for an official competition since the crash of 1993 and that says its rank in the concert of nations. Yesterday evening, she chained a 21 undefeated row meeting and that says her form when the release of the after was watched.

Mbappé equals Fontaine

“Fluctuat nec mergitur”, “it is beaten by the waves but does not break”. While the Paris currency floated high yesterday, Deschamps and his men demonstrated that they had found the resources to regenerate and restart after a ruined Euro. By leaving time for the Griezmann-Mbappé-Benzema golden triangle. Also insisting with this pattern with three central defenders and two very offensive full backs. Between them, on Saturday, Théo Hernandez on the left and Coman on the opposite, more offensive than a Pavard left on the bench, delivered four offerings, two each, opening the field of possibilities for tomorrow.

Tomorrow, precisely, rhymes with Mbappé since the beginning of his career. On Saturday, in his garden, the PSG striker evacuated a little more yesterday and this summer of misfortune. Two flats inscribed before the Park even lights up at the 12 e minute for the “131 stars of 12 November ”. Then a header and another tumble at the end of the game after a caviar for Benzema and a penalty offered to Griezmann, who became the only 3rd top scorer in the history of the France team.

No Blue had registered a quadruplet since Just Fontaine in 1958. “Kyky” had chosen his evening to enter the legend. A perfect evening to celebrate the life after. For the Blues, it will be written in Qatar, in a year. The world is waiting for them.

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