“Where is the problem ?” : after her return to Mali, Sophie Pétronin explains herself

the essential Sophie Pétronin, who had been kidnapped in Mali, then released in 2020, went back to live there last March. “I am safe,” she reassures.

Five months after regaining freedom, Sophie Pétronin, a former Franco-Swiss hostage 76 years old, decided to return to Mali. She moved to the capital, Bamako, last March with her adopted daughter. A decision, revealed last week, which sparked controversy. The spokesperson of the government, Gabriel Attal, thus evoked, “a form of irresponsibility” on behalf of Sophie Pétronin, compared to “her safety” and that “of our soldiers”. Faced with the controversy, she spoke to BFMTV.

Sophie Pétronin first responded to rumors about her potential conversion to Islam. “Everyone proclaimed that I had been converted (…) Where is the problem with my conversion? I have never been converted in my life. Even during the four years of captivity.”

The former hostage also reassured about his living conditions. “Where I am I am safe, well guarded, well protected, well fed. I eat well, drink well, sleep well. I have no problem,” she said.

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