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Too good to be true

(healthy breast)

Why did Veronika have to have her breasts ultrasound? A hint of cancer? A fistula? A deformity? Nay! She asked for this exam to prove that she was real and that her sumptuous breasts had not suffered any stab wounds. This 25 year-old Slovakian influencer has such a perfect body that she got kicked off Instagram because people thought she was dealing with a virtual creature. Veronika, it is true, has a little “toon” side of Roger Rabbit’s Jessica. Suffice to say that it must make people jealous. And first of all, all the other Slovak radiologists who could not carry out this fascinating examination.

Tuber phenomenon

(Peeled Mountain)

She too is the more beautiful. Her name is Doug. She weighs 7.8 kg. And it’s the biggest potato in the world, discovered by chance in the New Zealand farmers’ field. It beats a record held by an English tuber which weighed 5 kg. We do not yet know if we will give him a small ultrasound, but the vegetable is becoming, like Veronika, a star on the internet: his owners put him on stage, on a toy truck and put a little cap on him. . Like a teddy bear?

Lazy flower

(Floral decomposition)

Even more beautiful, almost virtual, the flowering of the Arum Titan, which occurs only every ten years, and only for 48 hours. The phenomenon drew the curious to the botanical garden of San Diego in California. Especially since this flower, with a terribly phallic pistil, gives off a foul odor of a decomposing corpse. Ideal therefore for cemeteries, provided that the dead are buried only every ten years.

Fan perfume

(Election tambouille)

Another fragrant story. In India, a party has just launched its campaign at the same time as a perfume, supposed to give off the scent of love and brotherhood. Well, if this idea were to be imitated in France, there is a chance that we will have back kitchen smells.

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