What does Stéphane Henon, the star of “Plus belle la vie”, come to Toulouse to do?

the essential For years, Stéphane Henon has played the police officer Jean-Paul Boher in the series “Plus belle la vie »Broadcast by France 3. He has just played a few scenes in the film« Le Cours de la vie »by Frédéric Sojcher, currently filming in Toulouse.

For 15 years, Stéphane Henon plays the policeman Jean-Paul Boher in the series “Plus belle la vie” broadcast by France 3. He has just played a few scenes in the film “Le Cours de la vie” by Frédéric Sojcher currently filming in Toulouse.

How did the shooting go?

It was a sweet shoot! I did some great shoots, a little more hysterical, a little more dynamic but this is good, it flows… On TV, on “Plus belle la vie” it’s very fast but there too we shoot a lot, we shoot 8 minutes a day which is not bad anyway with a large part left to improvisation. And then Agnès and Jonathan are great, it’s a very nice cast and frankly I’m having a blast.

How did you get on the cast?

In fact I knew Frédéric Sojcher whom I had met at a festival in Bosnia, I was going to present my film and him his, we got on well here 4- 5 years, it was a great meeting and then we did not lose sight of each other. The role was supposed to be more important but at the moment I’m shooting a lot on the famous series whose name I can’t remember and which I’ve been doing for years! (laughs) And I was supposed to stay 3 and a half months… it’s just amazing, the thing that changes your life! (laughs) There Frédéric wanted me at all costs, it was complicated but he convinced me: “Come at least for two days! »I said yes because we have the same vision, we look in the same direction and the atmosphere is great.

Will you return to directing actors?

Yes I’m trying! I shot the short film “Nemesis” which received quite a few awards and I’m trying to make a feature film but it’s a little more complicated! I failed two or three times but it’s difficult but at some point I’m going to go for sure because I love it too. It’s kind of a culmination for me to go behind the camera.

You who know the two worlds, do TV and movies have the same approach?

Yes it’s exactly the same now. The only difference is that we have more money and more time in the cinema and again here with “The Course of Life” things go very quickly, we shoot very quickly. And people think that because we do TV we play less well, but it’s exactly the same job. And it seems to me that to be in this kind of series you must not be too bad, and especially to stay there! (laughs)

What role do you play in “The Course of Life”?

I play Raymond, a restaurateur, who is friends with Vincent (Jonathan Zaccaï) and who has the fantasy of being an author, that’s 30 years that he writes scripts that he sends to productions but, unfortunately, they are returned to him with letters of refusal. But he persists. He meets a talented author, Noémie (Agnès Jaoui) and tries to interfere in her lessons. He’s a pretty character, plus he talks about creation, French films and it’s pretty cool.

It’s almost an iconic film that deals with the way of making cinema, with a low budget and a substantial cast…

Yes, the scenario is about creation, school, transmission and the role of Agnes which is formidable. Frankly it’s a great role, she says it all the time, she knows it. And I’m happy to be part of this adventure, frankly!

Never leave Montauban

Stéphane Henon demonstrates that Fernand Naudin in “Les Tontons flingueurs” was wrong since he left Montauban, his city of birth, to pursue a career in the audiovisual industry. In this case for 15 years in the distribution of the soap opera “Plus belle la vie” which makes audience cards: “They will have to kill my character so that I stop the series! (laughs) I’m lucky to have this recurring character on a series that works and to be spoiled mostly because the writers love my character so there’s no reason I should go anywhere else. Apart from time to time in roles that I am offered as the Toulouse directors Eric Cherrière did for “Cruel” (2014) and “Ni Gods nor masters ”(2019) and Éric Valette for“ The Serpent with a Thousand Cuts ”(2017). “

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