We are made to swallow anything

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Iron health

(in the nails)

This Lithuanian patient had an upset stomach. And on the radio, the medics understood why: there were more than a kilo of nails and screws in her stomach, a real Mikado that the surgeons removed piece by piece. The guy explained that this mania had come to him because he had tried to stop drinking, but obviously he was not able to finish his screws. We do not know when exactly, he indulged in these dry ferruginous absorptions: probably during rush hour.

Dry speed (bubbles stuck)

Stop drinking? In any case, there is no longer any question of booze during the ceremonies in Lambersart, in the North. The mayor has decided to ban alcohol from municipal festivities. No more champagne bubbles: for the inaugurations we will be entitled to sparkling water or fruit juice. We tremble at the idea that the elected officials of Saint-Émilion or Gevrey-Chambertin make the same decision… And at Lambertsart, we are going to replace peanuts and olives with nails and screws, as in Lithuania? Perhaps also because in the town, an initiation to swimming operation for adults is called: “Dare to water”! Ferruginous?

Small green black (greedy ecology)

Drinking a cup isn’t just at the pool. You can enjoy a little coffee, and to avoid crockery or the pollution of cardboard cups, a Carcassonne café offers its customers a cup that can be eaten! This is the challenge of a Bulgarian start-up (therefore not Lithuanian and guaranteed without nails), to make waterproof biscuit containers. A story that will surely be relayed by the Tass agency.

Cucurbits guinea pigs (natural sciences)

Less hard than a nail, softer than a cup, a pumpkin was used to test the most powerful MRI prototype in the world. Have we found as many neurons as in Donald Trump? Having said that, MRIs are kind of an overkill magnet. If we had passed our unfortunate Lithuanian drunkard in there with his nails in his stomach…

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