Volcano in the Canaries: in La Palma, the mysterious rescue of dogs trapped in lava

the essential Four dogs stranded on a roof of a house in La Palma due to the lava flows from the Cumbre Vieja volcano aroused a fantastic outpouring of sympathy. Until their mysterious rescue. Story.

It is a real soap opera which the Spaniards have been passionate about in recent days. Following the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano, on the island of La Palma in the Canaries on 19 last September, the fate of four dogs abandoned to their fate moved the crowds and still maintains a part of mystery today.

Prisoners of the lava for several weeks

It all started at the time of the first evacuations, when the lava threatened the dwellings of the island of 85 000 souls. Among the people having to pack their bags, a retiree of 70 years. In his flight, this hunter could not take with him his four dogs which, in the haste, had just escaped.

But, magic of virality, canines reappeared on the screens of social networks in mid-October, perched on the roof of their master’s house, surrounded by lava flows. Trapped for several weeks, the animals obviously generated an immense outpouring of sympathy, pushing the authorities to set up a system of drones in order to feed them, then, in a second step, to extract them from their fiery prison.

The volatilized animals

The AĆ©rocameras company was then asked to organize the rescue which, for administrative reasons, could only take place last Thursday. Once the drones were able to take off for a first attempt, on the spot, the surprise was considerable: in the eyes of the cameras, no dogs, they have properly vanished.

“After carrying out reconnaissance missions by covering the entire security perimeter where the dogs were supposed to be, we can say that our drones did not detect any traces of the animals,” Aerocameras tweeted. However, the company continued, “traces of people entering the area” have been noticed. Astonishing then that no one is allowed to enter this highly dangerous space, whose air overheated by lava is made suffocating by ash and toxic gases.

L all-risk agency at work

However, the questions from the authorities and the public did not last very long. In the place where the dogs were supposed to be, a banner, fixed with stones, was clearly legible: “Courage La Palma. The dogs are well”, it was written, with for signature “The agency all risks “. At the moment, it is not possible to determine who is behind this name. If some evoke the gesture of animal rights activists, others think of relatives of the owner of the dogs. Anyway, this commando anticipated the slowness of the authorities to fly to the rescue of the animals.

After a brief investigation made online, it would appear that these John “Hannibal” Smith and other Barracuda version 2021 acted on Sunday 17 October, five days, therefore, before the “official” attempt to rescue AĆ©rocameras. Today, although this case still raises questions, the canines are indeed out of danger. Several videos transmitted to Spanish media in recent hours show them eating. And although they still have the aftermath of their long famine on their side, the whole of Spain can breathe.

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