Virgin Galactic announces it has sold 100 space travel tickets

the essential This Monday, November 8, the space tourism company Virgin Galactic announced that it had sold 100 tickets for a trip to space . Tickets were priced at 450 000 dollars each.

This Monday, November 8, 100 tickets for a trip to space have been sold since August, announced the space tourism company Virgin Galactic. These tickets were sold for 450 000 dollars each, reports South West.

Previously, the company would have passed 600 reservations for a ticket between 200 000 and 250 000 dollars. According to Virgin Galactic, the new tariff was therefore “well received”. She also recalled, in a press release, that she aims to sell 1 000 tickets before the launch of the first commercial flight, scheduled for the end of the year. ‘year 2022.

“The demand for space travel is strong and we are selling seats faster than we expected,” Virgin Galactic Managing Director Michael Colglazier said in the press release. According to him, “we are entering a period of fleet improvement with a clear roadmap to increase the durability, reliability and predictability of our commercial service aircraft next year.”

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