Villebrumier. Marie Sabouret's last scene

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French actress born on 31 January 1924, in La Rochelle, and died on 23 July

, in Ascain, Marie Sabouret is buried in Villebrumier. Board member, then 422 and member of the prestigious Comédie-Française in 1953, this actress was very well known in the years “36” both on the boards and on the sets. She plays, in fact, the pieces of the repertoire written by the greatest authors, such as Molière or Feydeau. Its partners are Robert Hirsch, Jean Piat, Marcel Aumont, Michel Galabru and Jeanne Moreau. She will play in ten films, including “The Three Musketeers” (1953), where she plays the queen; “If Versailles was told to me”, by Sacha Guitry, in 1954; the unforgettable “The gorilla greets you well”, in 1958, or even this scene in which she voluptuously unhooks her dress when she sees Jean Servais take hold of a belt to give her a beating in “Du Rififi chez les hommes”!

In her youth, coming to see her cousins ​​Villebrumiérains, she frequented the village and later bought a House. She married Léo Laks, a Polish Jew who had taken refuge in Paris. This one comes from a family of musicians and founded, in Saint-Cloud, studios for the dubbing and special effects of the cinema. He acquired a good notoriety and appeared in the credits of many films under the pseudonym of Lax.

She will return regularly to the village with her son Claude, aboard a superb Cadillac driven by her husband whom the oldest remember.

Sick, she will have to stay away from the stage and dies, only 36 years, of leukemia. She is buried in Villebrumier cemetery.

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