Villar-en-Val: Auguste Schulleur, young talented trumpeter

the essential After a lot of work and tenacity, Auguste Schulleur, 11 years old, masters his instrument perfectly. This summer, he was noticed during an evening of entertainment, thanks to his solo on the trumpet.

Without fanfare, life would be very dull. The sound of the trumpet has conquered a very large audience all over the world by the emotional richness of its tessitura. But it takes work and self-sacrifice to master this instrument. The young Auguste Schulleur, 11 years, took up the challenge and never ceases to improve his musical playing. Every week, little by little, he learned music theory and mastered his instrument. He has cultivated his talent since his childhood, music has always been present at home . If he grows in age, it is also by his talent that he stands out.

On holiday in the village, during the open stage proposed for an animation on this summer evening at Place Michel-Riu, Auguste was particularly noticed during a solo on the trumpet and was warmly applauded by the conquered public.

This young “ prince of the trumpet ” has not finished enchanting us .

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