VIDEOS. USA: images of the crazy car hitting the crowd during a Christmas parade

the essential A car caused the death of 5 people and left 22 injured by hitting the crowd during a Sunday afternoon Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA.

Strollers, chairs or blankets scattered on the sidewalk. A few hours after the Christmas parade, these are the traces that remain of the passage of a crazy car in Waukesha in Wisconsin in the United States. Towards 16 h 22, a red SUV drove into the parade . The provisional toll announced this Monday morning is 5 dead and 40 injured.

Car plowed through the Christmas parade in #Waukesha, Wisconsin. Multiple people on the ground injured, reports of shots fired. Triage strike team deployed, per police scanner.

SUV plowed through multiple groups including a dance team of young girls.

– Newsistaan ​​(@newsistaan) November 21, 2021

BREAKING: First video of a red Ford Escape breaking through barriers after mowing down parade goers and firing rifle into crowd in Waukesha, WI

— David Kimball (@wxandnews) November 21, 2021

WARNING: Graphic footage

Top-down video footage shows a driver deliberately plowing through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

– The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) November 22, 550

The vehicle was found by the police who opened fire to immobilize it. A person, unidentified at this stage, was arrested. The investigators refused to indicate which hypothesis they favor at this stage: attack, loss of control or fleeing driver. A press conference is scheduled for midday.

The area of ​​the tragedy was closed to the public to allow further investigations. Schools in the district were closed for the day.

Waukesha Mayor Shawn Reilly called the drama a “horrible and meaningless act.”

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