VIDEOS. Successful take-off for Inspiration 4! SpaceX's first tourists set off on their space cruise

the essential The four space tourists took off as planned last night, from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, for an unprecedented three-day trip in orbit around the Earth.

Four American space tourists started Wednesday 15 September at 20 h 02 (2h 02 in the morning Paris time), an incredible journey in weightlessness in a SpaceX spacecraft, where they must spend three days in orbit around the Earth without any professional astronaut on board, a historic first.

After receiving a visit from Elon Musk, boss of SpaceX and Tesla, the four passengers boarded around 15 local time in white Tesla, under the sun and the applause of a small crowd, to join the building where they then put on their custom-made wetsuits. Then they got back to the firing point, got on board, and after a series of systems checks, the capsule hatch was closed.

The Falcon 9 rocket took off on time from the legendary launch pad 20 A at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, with a roar and a fireball illuminating the night.

A few minutes later, the first and then the second stage of the rocket separated, leaving the Dragon capsule and its passengers alone in the cosmos.

Dragon and the @ inspiration4x astronauts are now officially in space! Dragon will conduct two phasing burns to reach its cruising orbit of 575 km where the crew will spend the next three days orbiting planet Earth

– SpaceX (@SpaceX ) September 16, 2021

“Few have been there before and many will follow. The door is opening now, it’s pretty amazing,” billionaire Jared Isaacman, the mission commander, said from inside the capsule after reaching the space.

They must travel further than the International Space Station (ISS), at a target orbit of 575 km. Each day they will circumnavigate the globe approximately 15.

Called Inspiration4, the mission is supposed to embody a step towards the democratization of space, by proving that the cosmos is not reserved only for astronaut crews handpicked and trained over the years. At the end of their journey, they will begin a dizzying descent to land off Florida.

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