VIDEO. United States: US Army veteran captures alligator with … trash can

the essential A video showing a young American capturing an alligator went viral on social networks this weekend.

What is this young man doing, in his slippers, pushing an overturned trash can in his garden? This is the first question that comes to mind when watching this video, seen by millions of people.

At the start, we only see the grass and plants in front of this American’s house, but after a few seconds we see an alligator, lurking at the foot of the massifs …

A few minutes earlier, the daughter of this veteran of the United States Army warned her father that a scary caiman was in their garden. Eugene Bozzi thus tells USA Today to have said “No, I take him out of here because he must probably be hungry”. “The only thing I was concerned about was protecting my children and those in the neighborhood,” he adds.

Trapped in the trash

We regularly hear about original techniques to capture alligators, but this time, the young man of 26 years has done with the means at hand. We see him walk slowly towards the animal, the trash can open and turned towards him. “I used the lid of the garbage can like the mouth of a hippo. I realized he was quite shy and was pulling back, so I felt I had the advantage,” explains he to the American media.

After being hit with the lid on the wide open mouth, the alligator panics and ends up entering the trash can, which Eugene Bozzi quickly closes, to the cheers of the neighbors.

Always so calm, the young veteran then rolls the trash can towards a small lake, below his house to release the alligator, which seems a little stunned and remains a few seconds without moving, before sliding quickly into the water. .

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