VIDEO Toulouse: discover the tricks of Xavier, the magician of “France has an incredible talent”

the essential A young magician from Toulouse, Xavier Constantine, is participating this Wednesday evening in the M6 ​​program “France has an incredible talent”.

“I was born under the Dome of the grave, there is no more Toulouse than me”, laughs Xavier Constantine, professional magician, to introduce himself. At the age of 31 years, it will be he who will carry the Occitan standard thanks to his sleight of hand this Wednesday 10 November, at 21 hours on the M6 ​​television channel. From an early age, he never left Toulouse, where he still lives today. During a family trip, a magician presents him with one of his tricks when he is 14 years old. It’s the click for Xavier, and he begins to train by experimenting with basic illusions. He succeeds in his first trick: to remove a scarf from his hand. During this time, he also does general studies in banking and finance, but school does not interest him as much as magic. “I missed some lessons to go do my first little shows,” he says.

From the age of twenty, the young magician is already a professional and can make a living from his shows. “I did a lot of magic competitions in my youth, it allowed me to improve myself and find more innovative ideas,” recalls Xavier Constantine. He begins to play in bars, for schools or companies, and to create his own illusions. “I remember one of my first shows in Saint-Lys, the stage was large, there was a whole team of technicians, it was impressive”, describes the magician. In a magic contest, he finishes second to last and it is a very difficult stage in his career. After a lot of questioning, Xavier Constantine thinks of stopping his passion, “demoralized”. He finally raised his head and took part in a training session on “New Magic” at the National Circus Arts Center, which brought a contemporary vision to his art. “This training allowed me to find the tools that suited me best”, testifies the Toulousain.

Xavier Constantine has a passion other than magic: physics, science and especially astronomy. “I wanted to do something related to the real sciences, because I think it’s magic. The notion of space and time have always fascinated me. »

This Wednesday evening, Xavier Constantine will play between magic and temporality for a show never before performed in front of an audience. “I was overwhelmed by the notion of time, it’s a paradoxical subject. Everyone knows what it is but nobody really manages to define it, ”explains the 30-something. His number will be in music, and will last about two minutes. “I am very proud to represent my city on this occasion. Toulouse has given me a lot because it is a city of creation and culture, and I want to give it back. I also look forward to sharing this moment with my loved ones, and the people who have always supported me since the beginning, whom I thank today. “For the rest, Xavier Constantine is already ready. After 11 years in the business, he is currently in the creation of his new show which he will present very soon…

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