VIDEO. The Voice: Amel Bent reveals having miscarried during the filming of season 10

the essential Guest on the show “Sept à Huit”, singer Amel Bent revealed having lost her baby during the shooting of the season 10 by The Voice.

“A shock”. This is how the terrible drama experienced by singer Amel Bent during the shootings of the season 10 of the famous telecrochet The Voice describes. Guest of the show “Seven to eight”, the historical coach of the show revealed having lost her baby during the recording sessions of the show, at the end of the year 2020.

“You are pregnant, but you will not have children”

Asked by Audrey Crespo-Mara, Amel Bent explains having initially felt “stomach cramps” during the recordings of the musical telecrochet. Reassured by her doctor, the singer continued filming the show: “the pain intensifies, I say nothing, I go through the days of recording” admits the coach, who adds “in the end, it is is disillusion. “

During the singer’s first ultrasound, the doctor explains to Amel Bent that she is losing the child she was expecting. Particularly moved, the young woman announces having felt “a shock” when the medical staff told her “you are pregnant but you will not have children”. “It’s devastating (…) it’s a very painful situation, both physically and psychologically”, concludes the juror of The Voice.

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