VIDEO. The secrets of Bruno Hourcade, the star of the game show 12 strokes of noon

the essential 246 consecutive victories, a million euros gain … Bruno Hourcade took up residence on the game show set The 12 midday shots, broadcast on TF1. The champion, between two shoots, opened the doors of his house located in Fontenilles, near Toulouse, at “La Dépêche du Midi”.

All over. Under the giant screen in the living room, in his bedroom, in the garden, on the terrace… He piles up the gifts won during his 246 participations in 12 noon shots on TF1.

Bruno Hourcade opened the doors of his family home in Fontenilles to “La Dépêche du Midi”. Black jeans, light blue denim shirt, white T-shirt, the champion is far from the look of the new millionaire. “I still haven’t decided what to do with this money,” he smiles. Selfless, he distributes gifts (nine cars including a Mustang, household appliances, telephones etc.) to his relatives and sells a few … when he has time.

His reputation on the game show is well established. Recently, the noon master broke two records. That of the biggest win in a game show in France (more than a million euros in winnings and gifts) and the world record for solo wins in a game show. The daily candidate since 20 last January punctuates his foray into the world of television with showers of golden confetti and victories. 246 for the moment. “I did not see myself going so far in the adventure. I hadn’t set any goals for myself. I only take the game for what it is, a game. I’m not afraid of losing. I go there relaxed, I think that’s what makes the difference “, advances Bruno Hourcade.

” He was a curious child “

If nothing predestined him to burst the screen, kid he already chained the parts of Trivial Pursuit with his cousin. Growing up, it was the evenings of board games and quizzes on smartphones.

His participation in the 12 noon shots is fortuitous. In telework, the former employee of Eurosport returns to his parents, in the South. It was while watching the show with his mother, Patricia, a loyal viewer, that he decided to participate. “He was a curious child. He always wanted to learn and understand. But we were very surprised to learn of his candidacy, he had hidden it from us, ”she confides.

One hour a day: this is the time that Fifou Dingo, of his nickname given by the host Jean-Luc Reichmann, allows himself to prepare. He does index cards. “The majority of them (files) did not serve me,” laughs the candidate, taking two binders out of a cupboard. I do them in doubt. You can’t learn general culture. ”

Time for the break?

The king of 12 knows it, one day the crown will be on another head. Bruno Hourcade is making plans for his future. “I will probably make rental investments near Toulouse or Pau. Then I should deal with them. I don’t think I’m going to find a job quickly (he was fired in April following a plan in his company, Editor’s note). I need to breathe ”, warns the Fontenillois.

Tossed between the south and Paris, he lives at 1 000 per hour. Filming and interviews are voracious in time and energy. When the time comes to bow out in front of 3 million viewers, the champion will take a break. “It was a superb parenthesis, I blew a candle on the set, announced my dismissal. If I have to participate in another TV game, it will not be immediately. I’m going to get away from this world a bit. We will see for the rest ”.

The next day, the candidate leaves for Paris to defend his title. The noon master continues to reign.

A record shattered

The game show broadcast daily from noon to 10 h 50 on TF1 has its roots in thousands of kilometers. It is inspired by the Argentinian game El Legado. Hosted by Jean-Luc Reichmann since the beginning, in June 2010, the game is followed by nearly 3 million viewers in 2021 . The principle is simple: four candidates must answer questions in order to try to become (or stay) a midday teacher. They are credited with 10 €. Four rounds, plus a bonus (L’Étoile Mystérieuse), punctuate the game. Thousands of French people took part in the show, one of the most watched. The record for the number of participation was held by Eric, a candidate who remained 199 consecutive day on the screen. Since August, the record has been shattered. It is therefore Bruno Hourcade, with 246 participating at the present time, who reigns supreme at lunchtime, his jackpot exceeding one million euros.

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