VIDEO. Submarine Crisis: “What we did was awkward,” Joe Biden admits

the essential The American and French presidents, Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron, met in Rome on Friday.

The American and French presidents, Joe Biden and Emmanuel, Macron met on Friday in Rome, at the French embassy, ​​for their first meeting in person since a serious crisis over a contract for submarines.

“It is the future that we must look at,” said Emmanuel Macron, after welcoming Joe Biden with many smiles and handshakes at the Villa Bonaparte.

“What we did was awkward”

The United States has been “clumsy” in the affair of the contract of submarines which earned it the ire of France, this partner “of extreme value”, Joe Biden said Friday in Rome when meeting the president. French Emmanuel Macron.

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“What we did was clumsy and was not done with much elegance,” said the US president, adding that France was in his eyes “an extremely valuable partner”

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