VIDEO. Singer Adèle helps a man ask his girlfriend to marry him in the middle of a concert

the essential This Sunday, the singer Adèle presented her new album “30” live on CBS. In the middle of the show, the artist brought on stage a young man and his girlfriend. This one made his marriage proposal in front of hundreds of people.

It is a scene that this young couple will undoubtedly not forget. This Sunday 14 November, while the singer Adèle gave a concert, broadcast live on CBS, to present her new album “30 “, a couple burst onto the stage. In secret, the British singer helped the young man in his process.

In the middle of the show, Adèle asked her audience to stop making noise: “I need everyone to be silent,” she commented. The artist then retired to the back of the stage, leaving his place to a young man. In his arms: his girlfriend, blindfolded and headphones on. No sound, no picture: the couple advance step by step before stopping in the middle of the stage. The young man is then busy removing all his devices. The surprise: “but who are these people?” Asks the young woman. The congregation laughs about it, her boyfriend a lot less, and here he is, kneeling down.

“Thank God you said yes”

The end is happy, the young woman accepts the marriage proposal: “Thank God you said yes, otherwise I would not have known to whom to sing this song”, exclaimed the British singer, then left the bottom of the scene to resume its title, You Make Me Feel My Love , while being accompanied on the piano.

This is not the first time that Adèle has engaged in this exercise: in 2016 already, the artist had openly asked in the middle of a concert if anyone wanted to perform a marriage proposal. In the audience, a young woman then took the opportunity to make her proposal.

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