VIDEO. Sexual assault: the gruesome “regrets” of Pierre Ménès, back on television

the essential This Friday, Pierre Ménès was back on the small screen: the former Canal + columnist was invited to the Estelle Denis set on RMC. The fifties returned to the accusations of sexual assault to which he was the subject.

Nearly seven months that Pierre Ménès had not been seen on the small screen. This Friday, October 8, the columnist who had been fired by Canal + for accusations of sexual assault, was invited on the set of Estelle Denis on RMC. The fifties had been pinned for his actions in a documentary directed by Marie Portolano.

The football specialist returned to the case on Friday and was questioned about possible “regrets”: “My main regret is that Marie did not warn me about the subject of her documentary before the shooting. When she told me Said ‘You remember you lifted my skirt’, I was stunned. I thought to myself that she was inviting me because I was the first to do a talk show with only girls. I went there with the greatest candor … ” A first response that ulcerated Internet users.

“I almost did something stupid”

Pierre Ménès then returned to the last seven months, during which he was excluded from the cameras and television sets: “I had a very, very bad experience of these 7 months of being shelved. Or even the worst. . I did not even watch football any more. This Euro, I completely passed through the Euro, like the Blues besides. I almost made a mistake “, explains the former columnist.

He claims to have pulled himself together: “I yelled at right away telling myself that 5 years ago, you fought like a dog to survive. It is not to end hatred social networks because finally on arrival, what is this story? It is the hatred of social networks. The hatred and cowardice of social networks “.

Estelle Denis takes the ball on the rebound: “Well it’s not just that, anyway Pierre”. His interlocutor claims to have experienced it as such: “why was there a sidelining of Canal +? Because of social networks!” The footage has been viewed tens of thousands of times on social media.

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