VIDEO. Rape accusations against PPDA: Jean-Pierre Pernaut assures that he knew nothing of his reputation

the essential Invited this Tuesday on Europe 1, the former presenter of the JT of h on TF1 reacted to the testimonies of eight women who claim to be victims of sexual assault by Patrick Poivre-d’Arvor.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut was the guest of Philippe Vandel in “Culture M├ędias” this Tuesday, November 9, a few hours after the publication in Liberation of the testimonies of eight women, seven of whom speak openly, about the sexual assaults of which they are said to have been victims, most of them in the years 90, from Patrick Poivre-d’Arvor.

As a former colleague who worked with the former star of 13 hours of TF1 “for twenty years”, Jean-Pierre Pernaut was naturally questioned by the host of Europe 1 on his reaction to these accusations, and in particular on the fact that as some victims say, “everyone world knew “within the channel.

” I was not aware of these facts “

“A journalist friend at the time told me shortly after that everyone knew, that it was a well-established process where authors, students, journalists, all kinds of women were invited to the JT before moving to his office “, explains Aude Darlet, one of the women who testified in the pages of the national daily. She was allegedly assaulted in 2002.

“I know that PPDA was a bit heavy man, with girls. They talked about it from time to time laughing. It’s the only thing I can attest to,” said Jean-Pierre Pernaut on Tuesday. But with regard to the facts of sexual assault and the testimonies that illustrate them, the former presenter of hours affirms that he did not know anything: “I read them (the testimonies, note), I look at them. But I was not aware of these facts when I shared my professional life with Patrick “, assured Jean-Pierre Pernaut.

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