VIDEO. Queen Elizabeth II appears in video just days after being hospitalized

the essential She was the subject of a brief hospital stay: Queen Elizabeth II appeared on Thursday in a reassuring video. This is the first image of the Queen since announcing that she would not be attending the COP .

It’s a reassuring video that Buckingham Palace has just shared. Queen Elizabeth II appeared this Thursday 29 October in a video posted to the Royal Family’s Twitter account, as she spent a few days ago a brief hospital stay. The monarch presented (via video conference) the Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry to British poet David Constantine.

? The 2020 winner of The Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry, David Constantine, has been officially presented with his medal during a virtual Audience with The Queen.

David was joined at Buckingham Palace by the Poet Laureate Simon Armitage, who chairs the Poetry Medal Committee.

– The Royal Family (@RoyalFamily) October 28 , 2021

“I am happy to be able to see you, although in a virtual way, moved the queen to the poet. I do not really know what you are going to do with it, are you going to put it in a cupboard?”, Questioned Elizabeth. II. “Somewhere in a safe place,” David Constantine replied, “tonight I will show it to my children and my grandchildren who are waiting for us.”

This is not her first public appearance since being hospitalized, but it is the first time the monarch has shown herself since announcing she was not attending the COP 26. The Queen said she would address delegates via a video message.

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