VIDEO. Man disguised as Joker attacks passengers on train in Tokyo, injures several

the essential A man was arrested after having attacked, this Sunday 24, passengers in a train in Tokyo with a knife. He then started a fire on board.

A 20 year old man, dressed in the Joker costume, attacked on Sunday 24 October, passengers on a train with a knife, in Tokyo, Japan. Witnesses said the attacker then spilled liquid on the floor of the train, before setting it on fire, Reuters reports.

According to local media, people were injured as many revelers marched downtown for Halloween rallies . A man, believed to be in his 60s, was unconscious and in critical condition after being stabbed, while witnesses also said the assailant spilled liquid around the train and started a fire, according to the media.

“I thought it was a Halloween prank”

Several videos of the attack circulated on social networks. Like this one, in which we see panicked passengers running in the subway train to escape large flames.

Other images showed passengers evacuating through windows the train immobilized at a station in the west of the capital.

Japan: A man was arrested after attacking passengers on a train in Tokyo with a knife and acid, before setting it on fire.

The attack, which took place at Kokuryō station, left at least 6 injured, including one

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A witness told the Yomiuri newspaper that he thought it was “a Halloween prank. And then I saw a man slowly moving a knife covered in blood.”

“To be condemned to death”

The attacker was taken into police custody for attempted murder, Japan Times . The suspect told authorities he “wanted to kill people so that he could be sentenced to death.”

This attack took place around 17 a.m., when polling stations were closing in the country which was organizing parliamentary elections on Sunday.

Assaults in Japan despite a strict law

Assaults are rare in Japan, due to strict gun laws. However in August, while the Olympics were being held, two more attacks took place on Tokyo public transport.

Then on 24 August, two people suffered sulfuric acid burns in a subway station in the Japanese capital.

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