VIDEO. Landes: Soso Maness interrupts his concert to help a spectator who is harassed

the essential While giving a concert this Friday, October 8 in Narosse, in the Landes, Soso Maness interrupted his performance to defend a spectator. The young woman was being harassed by a man in the pit.

This Friday, October 8, rapper Soso Maness performed on the stage of the You F Festival, in Narosse, in the Landes. While on stage, he decided to interrupt his concert to apostrophize a festival-goer who was bothering a young woman.

“Leave her alone. Bro, I already told you once, respect women,” said the rapper in front of the crowd. “I’ve been seeing you for a while, he continues. Party quietly, okay?” he continues, cheered by the crowd. Filmed, the scene was widely relayed on social networks.

“Very negative comments”

The arrival of the one who made France dance on the tube Petrouchka at this festival was also controversial, because of the hostile remarks to the police that he had made during a concert on 10 last September. On that date, the rapper from Marseille was giving a concert at the Fête de l’Humanité. His audience then took back with him “everyone, everyone hates the police”.

Following that, the mayor of Dax and the prefect of Landes had announced not to participate in the festival on October 8, reports BFMTV. The prefect Cécile Bigot-Dekeyzer was justified by “the very negative remarks made by the rapper against the police officers” which, according to her, had caused “a very strong controversy” the 10 last September.

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