VIDEO. Italy: a tourist plane hits a building and kills eight, including a Frenchwoman and a child

the essential Near Milan in Italy, a plane caught fire after hitting a building under renovation.

The pilot and the seven passengers of a private plane died on Sunday. Among the victims were a child and a 65 year-old Frenchwoman born in Romania, according to the Milan daily Il Corriere Della Sera.

A video uploaded by the city’s firefighters shows the extent of the damage. The building is still smoking after the accident, its walls blackened by flames. In the street, a dozen cars were badly damaged.

The crash occurred only five minutes after the aircraft took off. A witness to the scene quoted by the Milan daily reported that “the plane had an engine on fire and fell steeply, without making any maneuvers, it simply rushed”.

Another witness present on the spot, Giuseppe, recounts having “heard the windows of windows shaking. “The 26 year old young man who lives near the accident site added” I opened the window and like in the movies I saw a large column of smoke rose, and I called for help “.

An investigation was opened by the national aviation safety agency.

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