VIDEO. In England, man unwittingly attacks 16-year-old world martial arts champion

the essential A man assaulted a 16 year old boy in the middle of the street in Guisborough, England. This one fell on Alex Williams, four-time Brazilian jujitsu world champion and mixed martial arts (MMA) champion.

“I’m going to smash your head! I’m going to stab you in the alley!” In the streets of Guisborough, England, the scene is shocking. A stranger violently attacks a teenager, devouring his lunch on a bench. The scene is filmed by a witness. The aggressor approaches his victim, and grabs her by the sleeve.

? In England, a man attempted to assault a 16 year-old Alex Williams, but the latter is a Brazilian world junior jujitsu champion and MMA fighter… The young man did not let it go and managed to scare the assailant away.

– Mediavenir Good News (@MediavenirGN) September 18, 2021

No doubt he did not know that he had in front of him Alex Williams, 16 years, four times world champion of Brazilian jujitsu and champion of martial arts mixed (MMA). Immediately the young man lifts his attacker by both legs and knocks him to the ground. The athlete will immobilize the head of his attacker for about forty seconds, according to several witnesses.

During the confrontation, however, his assailant tore off a tip of his ear before fleeing. “I went to the hospital to have her cleaned and I have six stitches now,” the champion explained in the columns of Teesside News.

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