VIDEO. In Belgium, a cyclist who had run over a little girl with her bicycle claims compensation

the essential In December 2020, a Belgian cyclist jostled a girl who was on a hiking trail. The scene was filmed by the girl’s father and posted on social media. The cyclist decided to sue the father of the family.

On Belgian territory, the images had toured the web. On 25 December 2020, on a hiking trail, a cyclist ran over a granddaughter who was walking with his family. The scene was filmed by the girl’s father and posted on social networks: the cyclist is seen kneeling against the child.

According to the Voix du Nord , the cyclist filmed launched a civil procedure against the father of the granddaughter. He accuses the latter of having shared the video and of having made the buzz. “The objective of my client is not to make money,” says the cyclist’s lawyer, Me Culot, to our colleagues. He wants to make people aware that we cannot do just any kind what on social networks. The consequences are dramatic for my client who has not been able to get back on his two-wheeler since this story “. The Belgian cyclist is thus claiming the amount of his bicycle in compensation.

After the incident, the granddaughter’s father decided to file a complaint and launched a call for witnesses which identified the owner of the two-wheeler. The cyclist then contacted the father of the girl to settle the dispute amicably. The complaint was finally maintained: the accused was finally sentenced last March for assault and battery to pay a symbolic euro.

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