VIDEO. Comedian Charline Vanhoenacker draws Hitler's mustache on an Eric Zemmour poster, the internet is on fire

the essential The Belgian columnist of France Inter, Charline Vanhoenacker, launched the #PoseTonZob operation, aiming to ridicule Eric Zemmour’s posters. Since the publication of his video, some accuse him of anti-Semitism.

Eric Zemmour is still not a candidate for the presidential election of 2022 but posters representing him are already plastered in the streets of Paris. To make fun of it, the comedian Charline Vanhoenacker published this Thursday a video explaining launching “a national movement of LOL activism”.

“There is a little game to be done with Ricou’s posters, everywhere in France. It’s simple,” explains the Belgian. She then begins to write “OB” on the poster to form the word “ZOB” and ends by drawing Hitler’s mustache on Eric Zemmour’s face.

“We remain speechless in front of so much stupidity”

On social networks, several French politicians denounced the behavior of the Belgian. “Cool, chic Nazification, authorized because paid by your taxes on the audiovisual public service”, writes Florian Philippot.

Pascal Praud, host of Cnews reacted to the video in an editorial entitled: “the slippage of a journalist from France Inter”.

“Under the pretext of wit or derision, she and so many others are the little soldiers of well-thought to selective indignation. We knew that Madame Vanhoenacker was not funny. We guessed that she was not. was not very talented, “continues Pascal Praud, before denouncing an anti-Semitic act. “Yesterday, Yom Kippur, on the networks, she saw fit to draw Adolf Hitler’s mustaches on the face of Eric Zemmour who, as everyone knows, is of Jewish faith. We remain speechless in front of so much stupidity. it also reveals what the presidential campaign will be. It will be violent, brutal, aggressive “concluded Pascal Praud.

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