VIDEO. Agricultural Show: the interview with Neige, the muse cow of the next Agricultural Show, turns into disaster

the essential Neige, the muse cow of the edition 2022 of the Salon de l’Agriculture, was interviewed by a journalist from BFMTV. Having come to present the animal as well as the milk it produces, he quickly changed his mind, Snow being too agitated.

This year, the Salon de l’Agriculture will be headlined by Neige, the Abondance breed cow. Its milk is transformed into reblochon, tomme and raclette on a farm in Grand-Bornand, in Haute-Savoie. For a preview interview, a journalist from BFMTV wanted to go to the Neige farm, in order to meet the meeting as well as his farmer.

A meeting that quickly turned into a disaster. Snow, rough on this Wednesday 17 November, decided not to show itself in its best light. Philippe, the farmer, tries somehow to position the animal in front of the camera … without much success.

While the journalist tries to ask his first question, Snow decides to go in the opposite direction of the camera, pushing the young son of the farmer in his path. “The little guy fell, he was jostled” launches the journalist, assuring that his mother would take care of him. Snow, for its part, remained very rough. Finally, the animal decided to push its farmer, and run at a run to his barn. “She’s not early in the morning”, laughs the journalist, who hopes to see her again, calmer, at the Salon de l’Agriculture.

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