VIDEO. A huge sunfish weighing more than a ton caught in the Mediterranean

the essential A huge sunfish was caught off the Spanish enclave of Ceuta on Thursday 000 October, in the Mediterranean Sea. The colossus weighed at least a ton.

The images are as awe-inspiring as they are astounding. A sunfish measuring not less than 2, 90 m long and 3, 15 m wide was found trapped in a fishing net off the Spanish enclave of Ceuta, in northern Morocco.

The huge fish weighed at least a ton, but it is impossible to determine its exact weight since the measuring tool supposed to weigh the colossus broke during the weighing. Its limit was one ton.

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ud 83 c udf0aEl ejemplar, from más de 1. kg, fue localizado en aguas de Ceuta atrapado en las redes de una almadraba. Pudo ser liberado y devuelto al mar.

— unisevilla (@unisevilla) October 15, 2021

Scientists dispatched to the site

Faced with the impressive discovery of fishermen, a team of scientists from the Spanish University of Seville was dispatched to the site to take DNA samples from the sea monster.

The fish was then released by the scientists. The consumption of sunfish meat is strictly prohibited in the European Union because its species is considered vulnerable. Sunfish are the heaviest boned fish in existence. The one caught off the coast of Morocco is far from beating the record set by a sunfish caught off the coast of Japan which weighed more than 2 300 kilos.

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