Victim of gastric problems, a candidate of “Wild” filmed by M6, rejected by the court of cassation

the essential A candidate for the adventure game “Wild” was filmed during her stomach problems. The sequence was broadcast on M6. The candidate went to court and the court of cassation ruled.

The sequence had made the buzz in 2018. “Wild” was a survival game in which contestants had to live without food or water in hostile environments. In one of the episodes, the expert Samantha, who accompanied an adventurer, had been the victim of a nasty diarrhea, hidden behind a thicket. The sequence had been kept during the editing and broadcast, sound effects to support it.

A scene badly experienced by Samantha three years ago. She had denounced on social networks a montage “degrading” for her. At the time, the channel explained that it only wanted to show “the effects of dehydration on the body” and apologized to Samantha. But the case did not end there. Samantha took the case to court and sued the production company GTNCO and M6 to have her damage compensated and to ban any exploitation of the footage.

The court of cassation delivered its judgment on 20 October. She declared inadmissible “the action based on tort” and dismissed Sammantha of all of her claims.

M6 had broadcast a second embarrassing sequence for the young woman. We saw Samantha filmed her buttocks crouching to urinate in a cup so that she could drink later in the middle of the desert in Botswana in Africa. The candidate had finally had to leave the adventure because of the abandonment of her partner, Robin, today host of the morning of 100% radio .

“Wild”, a show from England, had only one season on M6 in 2018.

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