Vic-Fezensac. Works: The street will be open in 1 month

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Rue Thouade was closed for approximately one month. It is located in the upper part, between the place des Tisserands, and the rue Victor Hugo. These two parts are independent, but both are closed. The upper part is closed, due to the networks which have been collapsing for several months. “We reopened it for a week, during which houses were engulfed in flames,” said Mayor Barbara Neto. The network had been consolidated, but a week after the fire ravaged houses in the area. “From that moment, because of the fragility of the building, and as long as all the expertise and INEDIS did not intervene on the lines to secure the electricity, for obvious safety reasons, we were required to close the street again. In about a month, the work should be completed “concludes Barbara Neto.

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