Verniolle. Tibert succeeds Julia Pertuy at Relais de Poche

Tibert is a rare actor in French song. So when he releases an album – every 6 years – we rush. It is a great chance to see him tumble this Saturday, October 2 on the stage of the Relais de Poche, for his tour in the South.

Tibert is an artist at the top of his art, who has built a work based on his six albums. His voice is recognizable among all; he talks to us about love, sea, landscapes, travels, in a simple but meaningful way, so evidently that his slices of life remain in the hollow of our imagination.

But words are not everything in the song and Tibert knows how to captivate us with his melodies, from all over the world, to make us better appreciate his words.

If you do not want to miss a rare singer , meet up on Saturday evening October 2 at 20 h 30 at the Relais de Poche to listen to his latest album: “Tranche desire”.

Saturday last, Julia Pertuy shared with the public beautiful tones with three instruments: her voice, her cello and a piano in the service of very personal texts, in which we felt the emotion of this promising young singer.

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