Vernajoul. From classical to jazz with the Back Note Trio

The musical group Back Note Trio has just recorded its 1st album, in the bucolic setting of Maribel Ventosa’s house in Vernajoul. All three are professional musicians and have known each other for over 3 years. They decided to embark on a musical adventure together by combining classical and jazz music.

Maribel has been a pianist since childhood. She played classical for more than 20 years in lyric theaters including the Capitole de Toulouse. Denis Haen is a double bass player, trained guitarist and teaches guitar in Saverdun. As for Guy Ould-Yahoui, drummer, previously in National Education, he played a lot in festivals and let himself be drawn into this new adventure. Denis and he both attended jazz schools.

The idea of ​​the trio is to mix different styles by taking up classical themes and to arrange them in jazz. “With well-known classical tunes, we get people to discover jazz,” explains Denis, who contributed to the musical arrangements. “We take a little bit, a melody and we do something with it.” Maribel could see that people are moved by listening: “The goal is reached when we are carried away, Maribel emphasizes. We get lost in the music” As for Guy, he was immediately interested in the demands of the work: “We combined what everyone knows how to do best and mixed styles as Jacques Loussier and Kenny Baron had already done.”

To carry out its project, the Back Note Trio called on to Ariège professionals from Onde Productions (OP). They made the recording of their album of 12 titles as well as a clip on the spot. After obtaining the rights from Sacem, OP is responsible for distributing videos to promote the group through communication tools and music streaming platforms such as Deezer etc. And soon, on their site. The goal is to allow the trio to find contacts to play. For this, the CD is a support. One of the videos takes up the theme of “Pavane” by Gabriel Fauré, the musician dear to Maribel. As for the name Back Note Trio, we can see an allusion to the famous composer with the idea of ​​a return, a revisit.

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