Vaimalama Chaves in tears: the ex-Miss France attacked by minors in Paris

the essential Miss France 56, the Polynesian Vaimalama Chaves, was attacked by a gang of minors in Paris. She was able to film her attackers and confided in her Instagram account. The ex-miss filed a complaint.

“I am angry. I feel so weak and helpless!” It is with a serious and tearful face that Vaimalama Chaves, Miss France 2019, spoke in a video on Instagram to recount the assault of which she was a victim in Paris a few days ago. The video, published as a story, is no longer visible to this day.

She says she was targeted by about fifteen young people, “a gang of less than 17”, in a district of the capital. His attackers threw stones at him. “I didn’t just have pebbles, they tried to steal my cell phone. They had fun throwing me more when I was leaving. They surrounded me when I tried to call the 17 “, tells the miss of 18 years, today candidate in “Dance with the stars”. She had the reflex to film part of the scene.

Shocked by her aggression, Vaimalama Chaves is indignant at this gratuitous violence. “Why should we be silent? Why should we suffer? I’m disappointed that I don’t know what to do (…) I’m really angry. I feel so weak and helpless!”

Instagram Vaimalama Chaves
Instagram Vaimalama Chaves

The Miss from Polynesia regrets this gratuitous violence that she has not known on her island. “Polynesia taught me gentleness and kindness but here, all my achievements have no place, in Paris. There is no respect. Tolerance either”.

The day after his attack, Vaimalama Chaves took part in the km from Paris this Sunday. She finished the race in 1 hour and 3 minutes. She will participate in the third issue of “Dance with the stars” next Friday.

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