Vaccines against Covid-19: a version 2.0 of the BioNTech vaccine in 2022, a new dose for everyone?

the essential The CEO of BioNTech laboratories, who co-produced the Pfizer vaccine against Covid – 19, anticipates an “update day “of his vaccine in 2022. Uğur Şahin mentioned the possibility of a new vaccination campaign next year to fight against new, more virulent variants.

Are vaccines going to be “updated”? Moderna Chairman and CEO Stéphane Bancel predicted the phenomenon at the end of last September: he did not hesitate to bring vaccines closer to Iphones: “a product with multiple applications with annual updates. Each year, we will adapt to the strains of the year, “said the CEO. And to continue: “each year, we want to add more viruses as we add an application to an iPhone”.

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This time, it is the CEO of BioNTech laboratories who is projecting himself. In the columns of Capital , it estimated that an “update” of the vaccine that its laboratories developed with Pfizer would soon be needed.

A new vaccination campaign in 2022?

Uğur Şahin announces this vaccine 2.0 for the middle of the year 2022. The objective, among other things, is to deal with possible new variants of Covid – 19, more resistant to vaccines. “This year, a different vaccine is absolutely not necessary, says the CEO in the columns of the Financial Times . But in the middle of the ‘Next year the situation may be different. This is an ongoing development, and this development is only just beginning. “

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The CEO says current vaccines could become obsolete and ineffective against more aggressive Covid – 19 variants. Uğur Şahin bluntly mentions the possible need to restart a new vaccination campaign next year.

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