V. Moscato as “a mythomaniac who invents a life” in Foix

the essential Vincent Moscato will perform his new one man show “Moscato, completely jojo”, on Saturday October 2 in Ariège. The show, organized for the benefit of the Union sportive fuxéenne with the support of the city of Foix, will be hosted at Estive.

After years of hooking up, Vincent Moscato left the oval ball and crampons for the mic and the stage. Featured host on RMC of the program “Super Moscato Show”, he presents, everywhere in France, his new show “Moscato, completely jojo”. As part of his tour, the former “rapetou” will play his third solo on stage in Foix this Saturday, October 2.

In Ariège, Vincent Moscato has chosen to play “a show of the moment” at the Estive – national stage of Foix and Ariège. If he “came back on stage this summer for a few dates”, with the Covid, he recalls that the break was long: “It had been 10 months since I had played. ” The former rugby player therefore considers himself in “recovery” during the first dates. “I think it’s important to resume and relive the show, he says. All the artists were very frustrated. I come back with enthusiasm and a lot of pleasure.”

“He’s talking about a guy who’s inventing a life for himself”

In Ariège, Vincent Moscato will present “a one man show about a guy who is inventing a little life for himself”. Nothing original according to the person concerned: “It’s still very common nowadays. With social networks, people talk about everything and nothing and have the impression of existing. Some say they know a lot of people. famous people. ” And to synthesize, in a few words, the idea of ​​the show: “To summarize and not to reveal the whole show, it is a mythomaniac who invents a life.”

The show is organized for the benefit of the Union sportive fuxéenne, which invited the comedian with the support of the city of Foix. Vincent Moscato will therefore play his third solo on stage – after “Moscato one hot man” and “Moscato au galop” in Ariège.

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