USA: pandemic has benefited foreign cinema, according to director Michael Mann

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(AFP) – The rise of streaming and video on demand during the pandemic has benefited foreign cinema, estimated Monday the American director Michael Mann at the opening of the French Hollywood Film Festival.

“I think the combination of streaming and the effects of the pandemic, where people spent a lot of time watching videos at demand, has opened up cinema to the world in a truly formidable way, “the director of” Heat “and” Last of the Mohicans “told AFP on the red carpet of Colcoa, the most important film festival French of the world.

This 25 th edition – the previous one was canceled last year due to the pandemic – is further reduced somewhat due to restrictions imposed by the United States on foreign travelers. These restrictions will end on November 7.

However, Colcoa offers 55 “made in France” films and series, including most of them are being screened for the first time in North America.

The film “Ouistreham”, unveiled at Cannes this summer but which will not be released in France and the United States until next year, the festival opened on Monday, which runs until Sunday.

Directed by Emmanuel Carrère and adapted from a book by Florence Aubenas, it paints a moving portrait of marginalized and downgraded women, with Juliette Binoche in the spotlight and surrounded by non-professional actresses, some of whom play their own roles.

Thanks to a new generation of filmmakers and streaming platforms , “there are new ways of consuming, of discovering and of being interested in various cinematographic genres, and therefore the American public opens up on the world”, estimated for his part François Truffart, the director of Colcoa (for “City of Ligh ts, City of Angels “respective nicknames of Paris and Los Angeles).

On the program this year, the film” Black Box “, a panting thriller about an investigator, played by Pierre Niney , which seeks to resolve the mystery of the crash of a Dubai-Paris flight that killed 300 in the Alps; “Le bal des folles” by Mélanie Laurent; or “Titanium” by Julia Ducournau, in the running to represent France at the Oscars next year.

Side series, in addition to successes like “Paris Police 1900 “and” The Opera “, the festival highlights” On The Verge “, a comedy written, directed and performed by Julie Delpy which takes place in a pre-Covid Los Angeles- 19 where four friends are struggling in the midst of an existential crisis.

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