USA issues first passport with gender “X”

the essential The United States announced on Wednesday that it had issued the first passport with the gender “X” to a person who does not identify with the traditional “male” or “female” choices.

It was a promise from Joe Biden to better take into account the rights of sexual minorities.

The US State Department has “added an X box for non-binary, intersex people” and more broadly those who do not identify with the gender criteria proposed so far, announced its spokesperson Ned Price.

For all passports from 2022

This new option will be offered to all passport applicants from the start 2022, he said, reaffirming the commitment of American diplomacy to “promote freedom, dignity and the equality of all people “.

Human rights organization ACLU said it was a “turning point” but also pledged to “continue to work with the Biden government to ensure proper gender choices are available on all documents. ‘identity. “

The Human Rights Campaign, which advocates for the rights of sexual minorities, also hailed a” historic “measure, and called for the United States to “encourage other governments around the world” to follow suit.

Already available in 11 country

At least eleven other countries, including Canada, Germany and Argentina but also India or Pakistan, offer the choice “X” or “other” in their passports, according to the organization Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion , headquartered in London.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken already relaxed the rules in June by allowing US citizens to choose their gender on their passports themselves. Previously, people who wanted to register a different kind than their birth certificate had to provide a medical certificate.

Democrat Joe Biden has made the defense of the rights of sexual minorities in the world a priority, more than any other president of the United States before him and at odds with his predecessor Donald Trump.

When he was Secretary of State to the Republican billionaire, Mike Pompeo had notably prohibited American embassies from displaying the rainbow flag, symbol of the LGBTQ community.

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