USA: For the second time in his life, he wins $ 2 million in a scratch game

the basics A resident of Maryland in the United States has won two million dollars in a scratch game for the second time.

Lightning never falls twice in the same place, but luck apparently does. A retiree from Maryland has just won two million dollars in the scratch game “2 000 000 Richer” for the second times, reports Capital .

During confinement, the 65 year-old man bought two tickets. The first allowed him to win 100 dollars while the second gave him the jackpot. A few years after having already won the maximum sum of “2 000 000 Richer”.

After scratching his games he returned home and stowed his winning ticket safely away while waiting until the last day to claim his two million dollars due to the pandemic and containment. “I was just a little nervous. a fire in the house, that the expiration date of the ticket was passed and I even thought it was not real, “he testified.

The retiree explained to lottery officials that he wanted to please his family and finance his retirement. He also plans to do some work in his house.

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