Unpublished John Lennon recording auctioned in Denmark

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An audio cassette with a recording by John Lennon where we can notably hear the singer of the Beatles singing a new work, produced in 1970 during an unknown stay in Denmark, will be auctioned in Copenhagen on 27 September, we learned on Tuesday.

Estimated between 27. 00 0 and 40. 000 0 euros, this recording of a total of 33 minutes is put up for sale by a gang of four men, then teenagers, who had met the singer of the Beatles, come to spend part of the winter 1969 – 1970 in a remote corner on the west coast of Denmark.

“The recording is totally unique because it is a conversation. It takes place after (a) press conference, with the four high school students and some journalists and John Lennon plays them a few songs. One of them + Radio Peace +, has never been published, “an official of the Bruun Rasmussen auction house, Alexa Bruun Rasmussen, told AFP.

“It’s a little piece of Danish history and when you listen to it, you can tell John Lennon felt good in Denmark. We left him alone and he could live his life quite simply “, she stressed.

End of December 1969, in a forgotten episode, John Lennon arrives in the Scandinavian kingdom with Yoko Ono to get closer to Kyoko, the latter’s daughter, who then lives with her father in North Jutland (west).

First going unnoticed, this visit, which will last only a few weeks, calls out and the star organizes a press conference.

Following a combination of incredible circumstances, because of the appalling weather, the four high school students find themselves interviewing him after the formal meeting, in a relaxed atmosphere.

“I think they experienced the + hygge +”, this Danish way of life which favors well-being in everyday life, joked Mrs Bruun Rasmussen.

The teenagers were above all interested in the pacifist activism of the musician, a few months before the Beatles disbanded.

“With this auction, they want to convey John Lennon’s message,” the auctioneer said.

She praises the charm of the recording, sold with the photographs of the meeting and the number of the school newspaper which relates it, which is also due to its obsolete appearance.

“To listen to the 28 minutes of the cassette you need a good old cassette player and I think this share of nostalgia adds to its value, “she said.

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