United States: the giant concert in New York cut short by Hurricane Henri

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The concert organized in Central Park to mark the artists’ “reunion” with the public of New York, a city heavily affected by the Covid pandemic – 19, was arrested on Saturday under threat from Hurricane Henri. Barry Manilow, who co-starred with Bruce Springsteen, Patti Smith and Paul Simon, was interrupted in the middle of a song by a voice urging spectators to move quickly but calmly to the nearest exit because of the approaching storm clouds. Some 60 000 0 spectators were expected at the concert as the hurricane, with winds at 120 km / h, approached, expected to reach the American east coast on Sunday.

So ended a show that had started at 17 with groups of spectators dancing, clapping and showing off picnic tablecloths, ready for five hours of live music. Before the arrival of the clouds, many spectators remained worried about the epidemic situation, despite the obligation of vaccination required at the entrance.

All the participants of 12 years and older had to provide proof of vaccination, except for people who could not receive a vaccine due to a disability. Masks were not required for this outdoor concert, except for unvaccinated children.

The Mayor of America’s largest city, Bill de Blasio , told a local radio station on Friday that the event was planned “to really tell people that New York is back, to tell the world.” Since the start of the pandemic, New York has deplored more than 33 000 0 Covid victims – 19.

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