United States: schools ban costumes inspired by the Squid Game series, deemed too violent

the essential The costumes of the South Korean series Squid Game will not be permitted on Friday 29 October “because of the violent messages that they can inspire. Six schools in the Fayetteville-Manlius school district, in the United States, are involved.

In the school district of Fayetteville-Manlius, located in upstate New York, costumes inspired by the South Korean series Squid Game are prohibited for Halloween. In six schools, which depend on the district including three elementary, students will not be able to wear such costumes this Friday 29 October “because of the violent messages they can inspire,” said his superintendent, Craig Tice, in a statement released to the media.

In the United States, to mark the Halloween tradition, children are allowed to make their way to class in disguise for the last day of school before the celebration, which this year falls on a Sunday. Usually, schools in New York City already ban all kinds of masks or dummy weapons, according to emails received by parents.

Playgrounds invaded by Squid Game

The series, which has become a worldwide phenomenon, features characters from marginalized fringes of South Korea who participate in traditional children’s games, such as “1-2-3 sun”, to win a huge sum of money. But the losers are killed as the trials progress, in scenes of great violence.

In the series, all the players wear green tracksuits that make them look like prisoners, while their guards and executioners are dressed in a fuchsia jumpsuit and wear black masks, on which appear a triangle, a circle or a square according to their rank. So many accessories possible to dress up on Halloween, and which were going like hotcakes in recent days in a store in Manhattan, New York.

“Staff recently noticed that some students at recess were imitating Squid Game games” while Netflix rated the series as not recommended for 17 years in the States -United, added Craig Tice. “Our principals wanted to make sure families were aware that it would be inappropriate for a student to wear a Halloween costume from this show to school due to the potential violent messages associated with the costume,” he added.

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