United States: Donald Trump booed and hissed after recommending his supporters to be vaccinated

the essential Donald Trump was booed in front of his supporters in the state of Alabama in the United States by recommending to be vaccinated against the Covid – 19.

His supporters do not agree with him. While traveling in the state of Alabama in the United States, Donald Trump gathered many people in the town of Cullman. The former president was booed and hissed as he recommended everyone get vaccinated against Covid – 19 says the American television channel CNBC.

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“I fully believe in your freedom, do what you want to do, but I recommend that you get vaccinated! I did it, it’s good” launches Donald Trump very enthusiastic in front of his supporters without a mask and largely unfavorable to the vaccination. Hissed and hissed by the crowd the 45 the President of the United States tries to defuse the situation: “Everything is fine, you have your freedom but I have been vaccinated. If he is. doesn’t work, you’ll be the first to know “he concedes, making his supporters laugh.

As a reminder, Donald Trump had tested positive for Covid – 19 in October 2020. The New York Times had also revealed that the former president had been much more seriously affected by the disease than he let appear.

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